Up Up and Away! : Exhibition now 2021

Our next Exhibition will be on Friday 10th , Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September 2021 10 – 4pm each day.  $6 admission

There will be refreshments and hand made gifts on our very popular gift stall

Title: UP, UP and AWAY
Individual & Guidance Group Challenge: ” There is something in the air “

Put on your thinking caps and make something relating to the challenge theme.

All guidance groups have started with some ideas so come along to one of them and join the activity. Canvaswork group won the people’s choice challenge last time – see if your group can beat them.

Members might start making items for our gift stall. We held a Free Round Robin day on Monday 16th March 2020 at St David’s. We were given patterns and kits to make something for the stall and then take one home to make for ourselves. You can see some on our Facebook group Geelong Embroiderers
Exhibition Venue: Vines Road Community Centre,  Vines Road, Hamlyn Heights

For more information contact Sue  0407058548