Hildexmas2014 smSTILL TO COME 2019 – Jenny Bakos – Surprise Christmas class. Shared Christmas lunch. Wednesday December 11th. 10am – 3pm  For those wondering, the project is no longer a surprise to Jenny!


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Classes and Workshops for 2020

To download your copy of our classes and workshops already scheduled for 2020 click:

Classes and Workshops info sheet 2020  

We have a very exciting program for 2020 including our Connect 60 seminar which invites everyone to join us for some amazing activities to celebrate the 60th Diamond Anniversary of the founding of The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria. 

Sign up sheets at Sit and Sew Mondays or contact Jenny Bakos.

Workshops are days tutored by our members and are very reasonable at a cost of only $25

Exciting News for 2020

Connect 60 – An Embroidery Seminar for those who like to Stitch
March 10th – 22nd 2020
Classes run 10.00am – 4.00pm with 30 minute lunch break
More details will be posted once the program is finalised…save the dates


Contact Jenny Bakos  0427 819 713 for any more details or to sign up.



Summer School: February 2019

Feb 4 and 9 Blackwork shading (pear) – Christine Burton,

Feb 7 and 8 Fragments of Rackham,- Brenda RyanBrenda Ryuan Rackham Fragments 3

Feb 12 and 13 Scrumbling (exploring layering of fabric, appliqué and embroidery stitches to create a unique piece of work, -Pauline Mackenzie.Pauline Mackenzie applique , stitchery panels

Feb 14 and 15 Drawing for Design, – Lorelle Leham, a well known artist and teacher at Adelaide University. A unique opportunity to learn how to draw or refresh your drawing skills to further enhance your textile and/or embroidery designs. An amazing teacher.

ALISON SNEPP, Samite Sampler:  May 8th & 9th 10am-3pm  Cost $99

Alison from NSW was a popular tutor. Her class imparted much of what she has learned in her long career as an embroiderer. This is a collection of counted thread embroidery from the 4th, 5th and 6th century from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Samite sampler

The sampler is a spot-style embroidery and the motifs use a number of different counted thread techniques






KATHRYN HARMER FOX August 9,10,11 Using Your Sewing Machine as a Creative Tool

KHF Rabbits

Rabbits – a sample of Kathryn’s work

Kathryn is a multi media Artist from South Africa. Textiles and fibre are her passion. She uses the sewing machine as you would a pencil. 

Hazel B Roger picHAZEL BLOMKAMP September 10th & 11th

Rod the Rhino is a fun project and all the stitches and techniques were taught in the class



Workshops for this year so far:

A Taste of Candlewicking.  Constructing a Simple Bag.  Wessex Stitching. Thread Painting a Hedgehog.  Thread Roll – a container for threads or Cotton reels

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  2. Heya. I’m looking for a beginners course on embroidery in Geelong-either December or the new year. I have basic knitting skills & cross stitch, but no embroidery experience. If you could advise of any suitable classes, dates/days and prices that would be much appreciated.


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