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Still Stitching

Tamari Balls 2002.

Tamari Balls from Madge Pinge’s workshop.

It looks as though we won’t be meeting again for some time yet. I’m guessing that being at home is a mixed blessing for our members. Some will be on their own and hopefully you are managing to look after yourselves and take the opportunity to do some stitching. Others will be sharing their isolation with their immediate families. Learning to manage working arrangements for yourselves or your partners, and maybe your children,  may not leave so much time for “play”.

Don’t forget that stitching can be a very soothing and meditative process as the needle slips in and out of the cloth.

There are lots of places on the Internet that can give some help, ideas or jolts to your creativity. If you are a Facebook member you might like to join our own group there. Many lovely pieces of work are being shown and web places of interest are shared.

Our future activities are still on hold, we will keep you informed as things change. Hopefully we will be getting together and stitching together soon!

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