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Shazam! What a Success!

Winner of People’s Choice Group challenge – Canvaswork Tiles

Geetag’s Golden Scrolls

Our much anticipated exhibition flew by last weekend . By all accounts a raging success. The quality of work was amazing and it is always a joy to see items that have been produced by our members at home and which suddenly see the light of day at exhibition times.

The Raffle Winners are as follows:

1st Jacqui Beltchev No. 0905

2nd Sue Butler No 0308

3rd Barbara Tol No. 0336

4th Jenny Bakos No. 0145

5th Madeleine Campbell No. 0232

6th Sally Atkinson No. 0546

7th Jenny Foster No. 0134

8th Georgia Mellas No. 0479

9th Barbara Morgan No.0588

10th Pauline Veale No. 0436

11th Joyce Hunter No. 0498

We ran a People’s Choice award and the worthy winners were:

Most Popular Exhibit: “Rackham fragments” Quilt by Brenda Ryan

Individual Challenge: ” Treasure Chest” by Denise Bell

Guidance Group Challenge: “Tiles” by Canvas Work Group.

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