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A New Beginning

A Message from our new President for 2021 – Pauline Mackenzie

Just staying in touch…..

Hi everyone, a lot of us have been chatting on our Facebook Group and it has been amazing and also wonderful to see everyones’ beautiful pieces of work.It has been a very arduous 2020, and we don’t want a repeat performance.

Some of our members have been meeting in small groups and that is great in order to maintain our contacts with various people. I have always felt that our Branch is a wonderful friendship group, where we share our achievements and maintain our various friendships. We don’t want to lose members, because it is our members who we all learn from and who have life time sewing skills that they are all eager to share.

For our first meeting for 2021 there will be strict Covid rules which are there to keep everyone safe. We even have our very own COVID coordinator, but she promises not to carry a whip or long darning needles…!

So to you all, stay safe and look forward to seeing you all Monday, February 8 at St. David’s Church Hall, Aphrasia Street Newtown at 10am. Bring lunch and your own mug for tea or coffee.

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