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Congratulations to our Raffle winners

Even though we were unable to have our exhibition we did draw the raffle as tickets had been sold.

Congratulations to all the winners

1st # 0251 Brenda Ryan
2nd # 0339 Jacqui Willox
3rd # 0032 Sacha Kavanagh
4th # 0311 Pauline Mackenzie
5th # 0069 Gayle Bechaz
6th # 0180 Jenny Lidell
7th # 0162 April Jacobi
8th # 0305 Jenny Bakos
9th # 0273 Angelika Butler
10th # 0222 Claire Bolster

We hope to have our exhibition some time in the future but not sure just when at the moment. Keep watching – we’ll let you know!

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