Slow Stitch

Japanese Boro
Slow Stitch

Meets on the Second Thursday of the month 10am – 2pm

Exploring the idea of slow stitching, patterns, shapes and textures.

Using stitch (fabric and thread) for mark making and as a repetitive and therefore meditative process.

There will be several ways of exploring and participants may like to play with one or more of these.

1: Traditional methods such as Boro, Kantha, Kogin and Sashiko using straight stitches such as running stitch

2: Exploring one stitch at a time eg. fly stitch or buttonhole stitch to see how far you can go with that stitch

3: Looking at how multiple repetitive stitches form textures

 Explore different fabrics and threads and combinations of these.

Meeting at St David’s Church Hall, Aphrasia St., Newtown. Bring Lunch.