Slow Stitch Group

This group will start on July 8th 2021 10am – 2pm Details to follow

We will explore the idea of slow stitching: patterns, shapes and textures. Using stitch (fabric and thread) for mark making and as a repetitive and almost meditative process.

There will be several ways of exploring and participants may like to play with one or more of these.

1: Traditional methods such as Boro, Kantha, Kogin and Sashiko using straight stitches such as running stitch (leader Marion Dines)

2: Exploring stitch one stitch at a time eg. fly stitch or buttonhole stitch to see how far you can go with that stitch, or looking at how to repeat stitches to create texture (leader Gillian Norris)

You can stitch small samples or larger projects. There are no rules, just be willing to play with stitches.